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Contour Next Link 2.4 and 640GKeeping up with the needs of its growing community of insulin pump and Enlite CGM users, Medtronic has developed a CGM Advanced Protection Loyalty Scheme. This CGM Loyalty Scheme is designed to reward our MiniMed 640G and MiniMed Veo customers who purchase Enlite sensors themselves (so not the lucky patients who have sensors via the NHS).

There are three exclusive loyalty schemes. MiniMed pumpers can sign up to order one box of five Enlite sensors (MMT-7008a) per month for a fixed period of time in order to receive one of the discount schemes. You can speak to your Healthcare Professionals in clinic for more information. The promotion has a dedicated website where you can sign up. Click HERE to view the site.

Medtronic Diabetes have now launched a UK and Ireland Facebook page, the main aim of which is to e<a href=ducate and inform people about Type 1 diabetes, insulin pump therapy and other MiniMed products. The page will provide useful diabetes-related content that is both fun and informative. At this point in time product support and advice will not be provided via Facebook. Users are encouraged to contact it’s 24/7 Product Support team. The page will only be monitored intermittently between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. In the early stages of the page’s launch, people will only be able to comment in response to Medtronic’s own posts.



Keeping an eye on people with diabetes who are not on pumps, Medtronic has invested in the i-Port injection aid device and has worked on the design to create the i-Port Advance. See more about this on our KIT coverage on page 10. Later in the year there is expected to be a new infusion set launch for users of Medtronic’s MiniMed range of insulin pumps.


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