FreeStyle Libre sensor stickers from a T1 wanting to share some fun

FreeStyle Libre Sensor Stickers from T1Stephanie Haack (pictured) was diagnosed with T1D seven years ago and to a great extent was self-diagnosed, thanks to the internet. She says, “I Googled thirst and tiredness. The search results were pretty clear. The next day, the doctors made it official. After that, it took me years until I finally Googled it again and discovered that there are so many people out there who understood exactly what I was going through. Today I am proud to be part of this community and share my experiences on my blog”

As far as kit goes, Haack says she’s ‘playing it old school with insulin pens.’ However, an insulin pump is now being considered. “Even though I’ve felt ‘ready’ for a pump for about two years now,” she says, “I’m still having trouble deciding on a device. But I’m intent on making a decision this year!”

Steffi Haack Libre sticker on arm by seaHaack moved to Berlin last October and has started a new job there working in fundraising for the NGO Action Against Hunger. She says, “It’s all about changes at the moment and Pep Me Up is my creative outlet, my own little playground where I can express myself and try new things. This sticker collection is one of the results. I’ve been using the Freestyle Libre system since it entered the German market in November 2014. I really, really love it, apart for the fact that it looks so plain and boring. I didn’t choose diabetes, so to me it feels empowering to at least choose what my medical devices look like. That’s why I immediately got some glittery nail polish and had my boyfriend paint the sensor. The stickers were the next step. At first I just made them for myself, but since I was getting more and more questions about them, I decided to make them available worldwide. The feedback has been really amazing. Seeing photos of happy children (and adults) from around the world, proudly showing off their sensors is (almost) better than cupcakes!”

Diabadass2Reader offer: Use the code ‘desang’ at check out to get 10% off. Pep Me Up ships worldwide, so postage to the UK is no problem.


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