Summer footcare for diabetics

Summer Footcare for DiabeticsSummer is here (finally!), and it’s a time when many of us are working in the garden or taking part in outdoor activities after a fairly inactive winter. This may mean that people wear different shoes or boots. It is particularly important that people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes look after their feet to avoid damaging them. People with diabetes can have damage to the nerves in the feet which means they cannot always feel pain or soreness, for instance when shoes rub. This can increase the risk of infection which, if not treated properly, can increase the risk of amputations. If the feet are correctly looked after, up to 80% of amputations are avoidable. The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) has a booklet for people with diabetes giving advice about looking after the feet and have supplied a PDF for reference which you can download from their website.

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