Prime Minister opens new Diabetes UK office on World Diabetes Day

Prime Minister Rt.Hon. Theresa May MP yesterday opened Diabetes UK’s new London office to mark World Diabetes Day and met with the charity’s staff and volunteers at Wells Lawrence House in Whitechapel, London, and unveiled a plaque to mark the occasion. Wells Lawrence House is named after the two founders of Diabetes UK, the author HG Wells and his doctor Robert Lawrence.

Diabetes UK Chief Executive Chris Askew and the Prime Minister discussed support for people living with Type 1 diabetes, how to raise awareness of potential complications and what is being done to tackle the rise in number of people living with Type 2 diabetes.

Speaking this at the event, Prime Minister Theresa May said, “It’s a real pleasure to be here with you today and officially open your new offices. But it’s an even greater pleasure to meet some of the people who work here at Diabetes UK, to meet volunteers, to meet community champions and to hear about the great work you’re all doing in so many different ways. The work you are doing to concentrate on the complications on World Diabetes Day is very important. But the general work you do, providing that help, that support, that understanding, promoting research, looking constantly to ensure that we can have a world where diabetes can do no harm is your aim and I think that’s absolutely fantastic.”

Askew added, “The opening of our new building marks a new chapter in how we combat the crisis in diabetes, and we thank the Prime Minister for joining us. We need others to take her lead in finding out about how we tackle the fastest growing epidemic of our time and what its serious, life-threatening complications mean for people and the NHS. Significant investment in diabetes care and prevention by UK and national governments and the NHS is beginning to recognise the scale of the challenge. This needs to be sustained to provide enough effective care for everyone living with diabetes and tackling the rapid rise of Type 2 diabetes.”

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