Safer injections using UniSafe

Injections have become one of the most common healthcare procedures across the world with more than 16 billion treatments estimated to be given via injections each year. This treatment method is also growing in popularity, not just for treating diabetes although for that too there is increased use.  There is therefore an escalating risk of needle stick injury to both end-user and healthcare worker. Legislation states that the next generation of syringes must have an emphasis on patient safety and efficacy of injection delivery.

Owen Mumford has responded to this changing market need through the development of UniSafe, a springless, passive safety device designed to work with existing, pre-fillable syringes. UniSafe has recently been assess by an independent research house to analyse the usability of the device. The study found that 88% of nurses and 75% of patients agreed that the additional grip of the device raised confidence there would be little risk of slipping during administration. As many as 94% of nurses agreed it was easy to view medication before delivering the dose, and 89% of patients agreed that UniSafe made it is easier to determine that all the dose had been delivered.

Unisafe from Owen Mumford.

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