The UK’s most unusual sandwich combos

Jean Cazals chicken-cheese toasty, published in Four Magazine.

A recent survey* has shown that the average Brit will consume more than 18,000 sandwiches in their lifetime. The study into the UK’s lunchtime habits has confirmed that sandwiches are still the favourite lunch option. Up to 56% of Brits eat at least one sandwich a day. And more than a third have exactly the same filling every day.

The sandwich is said to have been invent back in the 18th century by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich who famously ordered his valet to bring him “meat tucked between two pieces of bread”. The survey shows that we are very particular when it comes to our sandwiches. Without a doubt it’s still our go-to option for lunch. Quick to make, affordable and portable, they are great for anyone on the go.

Only a high maintenance 14% of Brits insist on their crusts being cut off. Those survey said that they prefer theirs to be cut diagonally in half, with as much salad as possible stuffed in. A hungry Brit will eat their sandwich in just eight mouthfuls in just over six minutes. Leeds emerged as the sandwich capital of the UK, consuming the most sandwiches every month – 20 per person.


The poll, by Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo, found a BLT was the nation’s most loved sandwich, with chicken mayo coming in as runner-up. Third in the list was bacon, accompanies with ketchup or brown sauce – follow by ham and cheese – and then cheese and pickle.

The top five most unusual sandwich combinations reveal by the survey were roast dinner leftovers, baked beans and cheese, mayonnaise and crisps, salad cream and salt and vinegar crisps, and leftover curry take-away.

*The survey of 2,000 Brits was conducted online via Ginger Research on behalf of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo in March 2017.

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