Eversense implantable CGM gains CE mark

Roche’s Accu-Chek brand is bringing Senseonic’s Eversense CGM to the UK and other countries in Europe shortly, having gained CE clearance last week (14 September 2017).

A recent survey of 17,317 Type 1 diabetes (T1D) individuals in the American-based T1D Exchange registry reported 41% of the 1,662 respondents who were using CGM at registry enrolment discontinued use during the first year. Reasons for discontinuation include skin reactions, alarm fatigue, discomfort, size of devices and technology issues. Current commercially available CGM systems last between 6 to 14 days and are worn externally. The new implantable Eversense CGM system may provide relief from many of these problems and therefore has the potential to improve compliance for users.

The Eversense system continually measures interstitial fluid glucose levels in adults with diabetes for the operating life of the sensor, which is indicated at 180 days (six months). Although the CGM is implanted the uses wears a reader on the skin above the technology, including glucose trend information and includes alarms for the detection and prediction of episodes of hypo and hyper. This data can be transmitted via an app to a smartphone.

The aim is that the system will allow users to manage their diabetes with more flexibility, confidence and discretion. The system is designed to be used together with information obtained from standard home blood glucose monitoring devices, rather than replace them (it needs calibrating twice a day with a blood glucose reading).

The Eversense smart transmitter is removable, rechargeable and water-resistant. The mobile app for your smartphone allows real-time glucose readings, alerts and notifications. The smart transmitter provides vibration alerts if your smartphone is not to hand.

Eversense implantable CGM will become available in due course, and we will report further when updated information is available.

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