Quality in Care Awards, Diabetes 2017

The Quality In Care awards recognise initiatives that improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes, as judged by the NHS, patients and industry. NHS teams from Liverpool, County Durham and Southampton were among those recognised at the seventh annual Quality in Care Diabetes Awards.

Dr Partha Kar, Associate National Clinical Director, Diabetes, NHS England (on left) with Oliver Jelley.

The NHS England Outstanding Contribution Award for Services in Diabetes was won by Oliver Jelley. The judges stated, “Oliver has been a tireless worker trying to improve diabetes care – always unobtrusive yet present due to his inherent passion and zeal to help others.”

Dr Philip Newland-Jones with Mike Kendall, Dr Sophie Harris and Kev Winchcombe of www.T1Resources.co.uk

An Empowering People with Diabetes awards was won by www.T1resources.uk which his ‘Rated, Reviewed, Reliable’, collating a host of websites run for (and sometimes by) people with diabetes, supported by King’s College London and the Health Innovation Network. The award was picked up by some of the website’s contributors, Mike Kendall and Sophie Harris.

The Judges’ Special Award was won by Diabetes Wellness Events Empowering People in Effective Self-Management by Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF).

Philip Newland-Jones, Professor Katharine Barnard with Claire Levy, Lee Calladine, Sarah Tutton of DRWF.

The DRWF Wellness Day South brings together a wealth of information under one roof for people living with diabetes, their family members, carers, friends and those with an interest in diabetes. The event is run in close collaboration with local healthcare services, complementing and reinforcing key health messages to support optimised glycaemic control and psychosocial well-being. The programme has grown from workshops delivery to include a ‘hub’ area and satellite sessions throughout the day.

The charity’s entry highlighted the growth and sustainability of an educational event programme for people with all forms of diabetes which has grown tremendously over a number of years, showcasing, in particular, the Diabetes Wellness Day South which is held in the Wessex region each year.

The judges noted, “The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation have put together a brilliant education support programme with excellent outcomes. The events are clearly user focused, providing an opportunity for peer support and re-engaging those users who have missed out on a structured education. The programme offers huge value to future users and has great potential to reach other areas of the UK.”

Sarah Tutton, DRWF Chief Executive, says of the award, “We are very proud to have won the Judges’ Special. We have worked really hard over a number of years to build a support programme that has real benefit for people managing diabetes and the challenges that it presents. It’s amazing to have this hard work recognised amongst so many other fantastic projects going on around the country. Professor Kath Barnard, Managing Director of BHR Limited and member of the DRWF Research Advisory Board, has conducted a two-year research project for DRWF with a number of event attendees. Her detailed report demonstrates how much the events improve delegates’ diabetes self-management skills which we know leads to better long term health and wellbeing outcomes.”

Diabetes Wellness Days are now held in the South, Midlands and North-East of the country ensuring that as many people as possible can participate.

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