Talking About Diabetes (TAD) goes on tour

Talking About Diabetes (TAD) is a series of conferences that have been set up by three endocrinologists, Professor Peter Hindmarsh (who last year won the Daily Mail NHS Health Hero award), Dr Catherine Peters and Dr Partha Kar. Dr Peters, a consultant in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes at Great Ormond Street Hospital, explains, “We realised that the thing that would help people most is the chance to talk about what living with diabetes means. A lot of our parents are very sleep-deprived because they’re constantly finger-pricking to check their children’s blood glucose levels through the night. I suspect that every family goes through a grief cycle. But we wanted young people to know that having diabetes isn’t a barrier to following their dreams, and our conferences were set up to make that clear.”

Talking About Diabetes (aims to bring together individuals who have inspirational stories to share in the context of living with diabetes. The goal is to inspire everyone to think differently about diabetes; removing barriers and harnessing innovation and new technologies, generating discussion and new thinking through shared experience.

In the last few years the TAD Talks, as they became known, have taken place in London but now they are going on tour in June (#TADonTour). Two-hours long and held from 6-8pm, they are free. Click the links to register though, as places are limited. Events are taking place in Liverpool on 17 June , in Birmingham on 18 June, in Bristol on 19 June , and end in Oxford on 20 June


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