New insulin pump and CGM coming from GlucoRx

GlucoRx’s Equil Patch Pump

Surrey-based healthcare company GlucoRx,has launched three new products to mark World Diabetes Day last week – a diabetic retinopathy eye scanner, and insulin patch pump and CGM sensor.

GlucoRx MD Chris Chapman stated, “It is estimated that every two minutes someone is diagnosed with diabetes. Currently, 4.7 million people in the UK have the condition, and this number is set to rise. It is also calculated that around a million people have Type 2 diabetes but are as yet undiagnosed. Our Artelus Retinal Scanner is something that can be used in clinic to screen for diabetic retinopathy. If the hospital someone with diabetes attends does not have the equipment, they may be referred elsewhere but often people fail to make further appointments to have the check carried out. We only charge the hospital for the pictures it takes, so there is no upfront cost for the £20,000 equipment. Our product will help more people access the test without the need to go elsewhere, and ultimately helping to preserve the sight of many people with diabetes.”

GlucoRx’s new Equil Patch Pump is tubeless pump, enabling people with diabetes who are on insulin to lead a more flexible lifestyle. Chapman says, “This device is comfortable to wear and easy to use, with remote monitoring and 24-hour glucose control.”

People with diabetes should approach their healthcare provider to apply for funding to gain access to the pump.

Similarly, the company’s AiDEX CGM sensor (coming soon) lasts 14-days and is waterproof. It includes a compact and discreet bluetooth transmitter which records and uploads glucose data automatically to a Portable Diabetes Assistant (PDA). An app is soon to be available for use on Android and IOS devices. It provides users with a 30-day glucose data storage, customisable alerts and notifications.

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