LATEST ISSUE: Type 1 and car racing. How’s that done?

Issue 107: Type 1 in the fast lane

There’s plenty to read in this issue, so try to find somewhere away from the festivities to catch up on all the news. It’s been a busy year, and there are news items on everything from injecting to insulin pump study results, to Quality in Care awards for the diabetes sector and much more.

I like driving, but making sure you’re safe to drive when you’re treating yourself with insulin or other meds that can make you go low, takes a bit of time. Consider then what needs to be done if you’re not just taking the car out for run, but are racing it around a track. Find out a little about how that works out in My Diabetes Kit: Josh Malin (p.26).

There’s Food News, and this issue’s Making Carbs Count includes three recipes that use Parma Ham to create easy starters and mains. Plus, there’s a catch up with The Grumpy Pumper, who looks back at his year and it’s considerable ups and downs (p.34).

Wishing you all the best for the Christmas season – eat, drink, be merry and don’t forget to check your levels. See you in 2020 when we kick off the year with our annual sensor overview.

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