Artificial pancreas app CamAPS FX licensed for Type 1 in the UK 

CamAPS FX app on phone screen

Pioneering diabetes researcher Professor Roman Hovorka has launched the world’s first licensed, downloadable artificial pancreas app for people with Type 1 diabetes. 

The CamAPS FX app works with an insulin pump and a glucose monitor to automatically deliver insulin to people via a sophisticated algorithm. Prof Hovorka, from the University of Cambridge, hopes it will become available on the NHS and take over most of the management of Type 1 diabetes – particularly at night when potentially dangerous low blood glucose levels can occur.

The app can also upload the user’s blood glucose measurements seamlessly to Diasend, an online platform, allowing their diabetes team to provide more personalised care.

The CamAPS FX app is backed by 13 years of clinical research carried out by Professor Hovorka and his research group, and funded by JDRF, Diabetes UK, the National Institute for Health Research, the National Institutes of Health, Horizon 2020, and The Leona M and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust.

It is licensed for use by both adults and children with the condition, including pregnant women, and children aged one and up. It is the first artificial pancreas system to be licensed for use in pregnancy, or by young children.

Professor Roman Hovorka

The app is now available for UK users to download onto Android phones via the Amazon Appstore on subscription, starting at £70 per month. The app is supported by a small number of UK diabetes clinics. People who wish to use the app will need to confirm which clinic they attend and must be using a Dana RS pump and a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor. Professor Hovorka and his research team will work to continue to bring this technology to all who need it, via the NHS. Key to this will be the generation of data to support the case for NHS provision.

The CamAPS FX app is the first step towards a fully automated and interoperable artificial pancreas. Fully automated and interoperable artificial pancreas technology will fundamentally change life with Type 1 diabetes, by working with a range of insulin pumps and glucose monitors to lift the burden of managing a condition that is relentlessly unpredictable day and night.

Professor Hovorka will continue refining the artificial pancreas through research into mealtime glucose control and improving ease of use. He said: “This is a major stepping stone towards providing widely available, clinically proven, and user-friendly artificial pancreas technology to people with Type 1 diabetes. Our aim is to alleviate the ever-present burden of type 1 diabetes and improve health outcomes. This is the outcome of hard work, with more to come. We are indebted to all who are helping us on this journey. As a leader of data visualisation and analytic tools for Type 1 diabetes, Glooko/Diasend is supporting the CamAPS FX app in helping people with Type 1 diabetes to live better lives.”

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