Integrating tech for best care: Abbott’s Libre and Insulet’s Omnipod Horizon System

Abbott and Insulet Corporation are integrating their technology and kit to offer personalised automated insulin delivery and care for people with diabetes. 

This connected care solution will be controlled through an app on a user’s smartphone and integrate both the tubeless Omnipod Horizon System and FreeStyle Libre sensor data, offering a seamless option that will fit easily into the lives of people with diabetes. 

Glucose data from the sensor will be sent directly to the pod, which will automatically adjust insulin delivery – without the need for an extra device, connection or tubing. Users can also control the app to manually take a dose of fast-acting insulin, or bolus, before meals for optimal performance.  

Jared Watkin, senior vice president of Diabetes Care at Abbott, said: “Abbott is focused on creating future-forward health technologies that simplify how people living with diabetes manage their condition so they can live their best lives. As diabetes care becomes more interoperable, we’re developing more connected approaches to improve care. Through this partnership, Abbott and Insulet will offer an integrated digital health platform that is simple and accurate and will provide a best-in-class user experience.” 

The platform is also expected to be the first combined system with a fully disposable wearable sensor and pump. And, with both Insulet’s and Abbott’s ability to sell its products through the pharmacy, users of the integrated platform will benefit from the ease of obtaining supplies with an innovative pay-as-you-go model.  

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