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COVID-19 is a greater risk to people with pre-existing health conditions including type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and obesity. A diabetes diagnosis at this time when the NHS is understandably under pressure is particularly worrying for new patients. I NHS England’s Diabetes Programme has been paused all its delivery milestones until autumn 2020. To help support those worried and with a new diagnosis Diabetes Digital Media is offering 12 months membership to its NHS-approved Low Carb Programme for new members, for £20.99 – a 70% discount, normally £69.99 (available to end April 2020).

The Low Carb Program is a digitally delivered, nutrition-focused, structured, weekly session lifestyle intervention for adults with Type 2 diabetes. Members are given access to nutrition focused modules, with a new module available each week. The modules are designed to help participants gradually reduce their total carbohydrate intake to less than 130g per day in order to meet their self-selected goals.

The programme encourages behaviour change based on ‘Action Points’ at the end of each module. These goals are supported with resources that are available to download including information sheets, recipes, and suggested food substitution ideas. Weekly feedback is provided to users based on their use of the programme through email notifications before the next week’s module is begun. Lessons are taught through videos, written content, or podcasts of varying lengths between three-to-12 minutes long.

Relevant to COVID-19 recently added modules discussing topics such as ‘Do I need to wear a mask?’, ‘Will I get better if I catch the virus?’ and other sessions on symptoms, hospitalisation and feelings of anxiety. It also now has a new At Home Fitness Club with a range of daily classes including HIIT, Tabata, Stretch & Flex, Mindfulness, Meditation and Guided Yoga for Beginners. There is also a library of useful Lifestyle Articles.

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