Free DESMOND online education for Type 2 diabetes

A digital version of DESMOND – a course to help support people with type 2 diabetes – is available for free while the UK is under lockdown.

DESMOND is a gold standard Type 2 diabetes structured education programme developed by the Leicester Diabetes Centre. The evidence-based course, proven to lower HbA1c, a measurement of blood glucose levels over a two to three-month period, is only usually available to those whose local area has commissioned DESMOND.

Professor Davies, Professor of Diabetes Medicine at the University of Leicester, said: “People with Type 2 diabetes are now, more than ever, having to manage their condition with less face-to-face support. We have made MyDesmond available for free to everyone with the condition in the UK because we want to make sure people have access to high-quality information at this unprecedented time.”

MyDesmond brings all the content and research evidence from the face-to-face programme onto a portable interactive web-based platform for you to discover on a mobile device. It includes all the diabetes-related content as well as booster sessions allowing users to interact with the programme on an ongoing basis. There is also an opportunity to ask an expert, while people can also track their activity levels and link up to the Fitbit, Google Fit or Garmin. Weight, blood pressure, HbA1c, diet and cholesterol can also be followed, with an ability to set daily. People with type 2 diabetes can even connect and support each other via the chat forum with members of the DESMOND community.

Sign up for MyDesmond by emailing with your name, preferred email address, the county you live in/your postcode and NHS number (if you have it to hand).

The Leicester Diabetes Centre has also launched a page dedicated to COVID-19, covering symptoms, advice about hospital and GP appointments, emotional wellbeing and mental health. See more click here.

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