Win! One of 24 bottles Sweet Freedom Light Syrups

Sweet Freedom is offering 24 bottles of it’s Sweet Freedom Light Syrup to Desang readers. Made from apples and carob, it has a low GI and GL making it a better choice for people with diabetes than sugar. The founders of Sweet Freedom wrote the first Glycaemic Load diet books alongside Diabetes NHS dietician Nigel Denby based on research by Professor Walter Willett, Head of Nutrition at Harvard University. Sweet Freedom Light Syrup is their lowest calorie product yet, with 31% fewer calories than table sugar. Light Syrup per serving (a teaspoon is 4.6g): 3g carbs, 13 cals (zero fat, protein or salt). They say, “We have a huge number of people with diabetes who use Sweet Freedom very successfully, and the husband of one of founders has Type 1 diabetes.”

Despite being made from fruit our products are far lower in fructose than sugar, honey and agave syrup… the latter is 90% fructose. You can find in Iceland on the Spreads shelf  or direct from Sweet Freedom online. For your chance to WIN one of 24 Light Syrups simply click here:

(Or – if you prefer – you can enter via Instagram @SweetFreedomUK. Don’t forget to tag in anyone you know who has diabetes or who has a sweet tooth!)

Winners to be picked at random on 30th June 2020. UK residents & over 18s only.

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