About diabetes and Covid-19


With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the most important thing is to keep up to date with the latest information and advice from the government and NHS at: www.nhs.uk/coronavirus



Dan Howarth, Diabetes UK’s Head of Care says, “Coronavirus or COVID-19 can cause more severe symptoms and complications in people with diabetes. If you have diabetes and you have symptoms such as cough, high temperature and feeling short of breath you need to monitor your blood sugar closely and call the NHS 111 phone service. People with diabetes who don’t experience symptoms and have recently travelled to any of the affected areas need to follow information on the NHS and the gov.uk websites, which are updated regularly and are the most up-to-date source of information available.” Read more here: DiabetesUK/coronavirus


NEED TO KNOW: Ketones and Sick Day Rules

If you have not done so already, now might be a good time to reassess your Sick Day Rules.

See our Need to Know article in a recent issue of Desang Diabetes Magazine.


The British Government: Covid-19 and social distancing for vulnerable people, CLICK HERE.



For more information from Type 1 diabetes charity JDRF, CLICK HERE.



Sensible information on self-isolation, how to stay well mentally and physically from  Second Nature writer Tamara Willner: https://www.secondnature.io/blog/coronavirus-outbreak#top_tips



Here at Desang we’ve never gotten around to creating a forum. However, there are several out there that you might want to access for fast news and updates. National charity Diabetes UK has an active forum, which you can access here: DIABETES.ORG.UK/FORUM

Diabetes UK also has an active Facebook page: CLICK HERE.

Another very active forum is available from commercial organisation Diabetes.co.uk, to access this CLICK HERE.


A group of specialist diabetes HCPs have come together to provide support for people living with diabetes during the Covid-19 crisis. Search @_Diabetes101 and #Covid101

Diabetologist Dr Partha Kar has lead the response, with six specialist diabetes nurses, two GPs, as well as a dietitian, a psychologist and a pharmacist all whom specialize in diabetes care. Kar, consultant in diabetes and endocrinology in Portsmouth and NHS England’s national specialty adviser on diabetes, told The BMJ that the clinicians wanted to provide “a credible source of guidance during what has fast become an epidemic of misinformation. After seeing the distress and anxiety people living with diabetes were experiencing when news of the Covid-19 outbreak hit, along with the desire for accurate information, a group of diabetes healthcare professionals have decided to get together to try and help as much as possible. We wanted to alleviate fears around Covid-19 as well as provide people with a secure base to gain reassurance from.”

The account is operated by two or three healthcare professionals a day to answer people’s queries. It has been reaching about 170 000 impressions a day and has provided direct advice to hundreds of people since it launched. As well as providing advice, the account is facilitating activities and discussions designed to help reduce people’s anxieties and promote psychological resilience.

Kar added: “The aim is to provide people with trusted and verified advice, as well as regular daily activities to help provide a daily structure, promote positive health behaviours, and boost morale during the coronavirus pandemic. By routinely answering questions, the account may play a role in reducing some of the increased burden that diabetes teams and GP surgeries are currently holding.”



You may be able to help the NHS. Being a contact for a chat will certainly help someone else feel safer and more connected and might give you something to look forward to as well while we sit this one out. goodsamapp.org/NHS

FULLY CHARGED, leading electric bike retailer, is providing eBikes to NHS workers for free. The initiative will provide doctors and nurses with a safer, healthier alternative to using public transport for their commute in the capital. The bikes can be hired for three months at no charge. Fully Charged is also calling on the rest of the cycling industry to step up and help frontline staff keep moving while using public transport as little as possible. fullycharged/nhs

MINDFUL CHEF, a recipe delivery service, is offering 30% off their healthy recipe boxes to all NHS workers throughout this period. If you know any NHS staff, or you are one yourself, simply email from your NHS email (or with your NHS email cc’d in!) and they will help set you up. hello@mindfulchef.com


See our feature from last year on a food delivery boxes. Click the cover image to read the story from a previous issue of the Desang Diabetes Magazine, CLICK HERE.


Tin Can Magic is cookbook containing simple delicious recipes using pantry staples, by Jessica Elliott Dennison. To read a review click telegraph/tin-can-magic

To buy the book click TIN CAN MAGIC.


Or try Lola Milne’s cookbook, TAKE ONE TIN.


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