Diabetes kit: Miao Miao Libre sensor reader

Feline like turning your Libre into a CGM? A brief look at the Miao Miao smart reader.

Produced in China by the Shanghai Yuan Yuan Qing information Technology Co Ltd, MiaoMiao is a ‘smart reader’ that sits on top of a Libre sensor and turns it into a continuous glucose monitor, sending blood sugars to a smartphone or watch every five minutes.

Type 1 diabetic Andrew Borrett uses MiaoMiao and also sells the product from his website, which he has been running for about 13 years. He explains, “MiaoMiao is a smart reader, when you pop it on to a FreeStyle Libre sensor it turns that into a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) by sending your blood sugars to your phone or watch every five minutes. It means you no longer have to ‘swipe’ your Libre to get the information off it, you don’t really have to do anything at all, just check your data on your device.”

MiaoMiao products include MiaoMiao1 and MiaoMiao2 smart Reader for FreeStyle Libre sensors, and Tomato mobile app to show the glucose data and receiving alerts. MiaoMiao2 is slimmer and lighter and has better connectivity than MiaoMiao1 and is easier to attach with FreeStyle Libre sensors.

MiaoMiao1 costs £130, MiaoMiao2 nearer £160 plus £7.99 for a charging cable, with an optional holder (about £12) and double-side stickers (under £1 for a sheet of eight). Costs quoted here are converted from prices in US dollars on the company’s own website, where there is a choice of products and there is around a £12 shipping charge.

You can also buy in the UK from (only delivers to the UK, no charge for postage). MiaoMiao 1 is £110, including charge cable, and twelve sheets of x4 adhesive tapes. MiaoMiao 2 is £159.99, including charger cable, adult and child holders, ten  sheets of x8 adhesive tapes.

Borratt also runs a Facebook page, MiaoMiaoUK and Beyond, which can be found HERE.


Full circle
Mobvoi has announced a new partnership with MiaoMiao, a smart reader that enables diabetic patients to monitor their glucose levels hands-free. Available via Mobvoi’s TicWatch line, MiaoMiao turns the Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor into a continuous glucose monitor, enabling patients to automatically send their blood glucose data directly to their TicWatch at regular intervals. Pairing any TicWatch product with a CGM device and app will enable instant and continuous blood glucose level monitoring.

Mobvoi Inc., is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) ‘wearables’ company which has strategic partnerships with Wear OS by Google and with automobile giant Volkswage. Mobvoi is focused on defining the next generation of human-machine interaction by bringing hardware/software-integrated products into people’s daily life with a strong AI-centered approach.

Using Miao Miao with TicWatch, alarms can be set that automatically alerts the wearer when their blood sugar level is within a set range. Using a TicWatch to monitor my blood sugar levels with Miao Miao and a FreeStyle Libre can make managing diabetes as easy as checking the time. Pairing any TicWatch product with a CGM device and app will enable instant and continuous blood sugar level monitoring.

Popular diabetes monitoring apps include: MiaoMiao, xDrip, Spike and Glimp. TicWatch is an accessory for reading glucose levels from CGM devices only. TicWatch is not a medical device.

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