Warm-up boosts Type 1 exercise 

A short warm-up ‘priming exercise’ could help people with diabetes exercise for longer. 

Sports scientists at Liverpool Hope University have discovered how the ‘VO2 kinetics’  the time it takes for the body to glean the additional energy needed for exercise – is much slower in people with Type 1 diabetes. 

They discovered how a short ‘priming’ warm-up exercise, which involved a sixminute burst of hard pedalling on an exercise bike, just before a training session actually sped up the VO2 kinetics, making it much easier for people with Type 1 to get the energy they needed.

In fact, ‘critical power’ – the highest intensity before the onset of fatigue – was boosted in diabetes patients by around 8 per cent.

That, say the academics, could help people with Type 1 diabetes exercise at higher intensities and for longer, potentially warding off heart disease.


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