T1 and Tech event from Diabetes UK 14 November 2020

Diabetes UK is hosting an online Type 1 and Tech conference for people living with Type 1 diabetes, parents of children with Type 1, carers and healthcare professionals who want to understand how tech might make a difference to them.

Hear from experts, healthcare professionals and people living with Type 1 diabetes as they guide you through available technology, how to access it and where to find further support. This year, the focus is on improving access to diabetes technology as well as the challenges and opportunities posed by Covid-19. The event takes place on World Diabetes Day, 14 November, 10.30am–2.30pm via Zoom and YouTube.

Diabetes UK Cymru is hosting the Type 1 and Tech Conference online on World Diabetes Day under the theme of “All Together”. The free event has attracted a global audience and focuses on current technologies and innovations for diabetes management, as well as the experiences of people living with diabetes who are using apps and devices. Advances in technology have changed the way thousands of people manage their diabetes and can improve their quality of life. Insulin pens and pumps help people to control their condition discreetly in a more accurate and flexible way. Flash Glucose Monitoring and Continuous Glucose Monitors allow people to keep track of their blood sugar via wearable sensors, reducing the need for regular finger prick tests.

Dai Williams, Diabetes UK Cymru’s National Director said: “We believe everyone who can benefit from wearable diabetes technology should have access to it, so we are calling on Welsh Government to look at increasing the money available to fund medical technologies and end the postcode lottery on access. At this conference, during this very difficult time, we’re urging everyone to work together towards this common goal, so people can feel more confident managing their diabetes, more in control, resulting in improved blood glucose levels and improved mental health and wellbeing. It’s crucial to empower people while there is so much uncertainty and NHS services are busy dealing with COVID-19.”

The event will also discuss how new online platforms are being used during the pandemic to bring the diabetes community together, creating new support groups and information channels. The Type 1 and Technology conference began in 2018 in partnership with the Diabetes Research Unit Cymru at Swansea University. In 2020 it will be live streamed on Zoom with attendees from around the world.

Find out more HERE  and to register click HERE.

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