LATEST ISSUE: Jan 21 – Tidepool, Diabeloop, new Academy, and Cities Changing Diabetes

This issue involves several Kit Reports on various clover-clogs pump systems. A closed loop system involves an insulin pump linked to a CGM and an algorithm. The algorithm may be in the pump, on another device, or even on a smartphone. When the pump is set to automate insulin delivery, then this is a closed loop. If the person using the system has to be involved – like bolusing for a meal, then it’s called a hybrid. Or, you can call it something else… Lilly is getting involved with the insulin pump sector and is calling theirs an AID device, for automated insulin delivery. Diabaloop names theirs an iAGC (interoperable automated glycaemic controller) while Roche is keen on its iPDM (integrated personalised diabetes manager). There’s also plenty of top-end news in that arena in this issue. And there’s a very low-tech look at how we can step up our efforts to prevent the rising rates of diagnoses of diabetes, particularly in our cities. Thinking globally but acting locally, we find out what Leicester learned from Houston, Texas, and what to do when in Rome. Additionally, there are some tips on staying motivated in lockdown, and we welcome back telly legend Mr Motivator.

Desang Diabetes Magazine January 2021

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