LATEST ISSUE Desang Diabetes Magazine, no.121

There’s plenty of news again in this issue. Despite adversity, many people in the diabetes arena are hard at it, which gives me plenty to report on. Another upshot of lockdown has been plenty of imaginative activity in terms of thinking up new things to make. We report on at least 12 new ‘lockdown’ cheeses (OK, so high fat, but zero carbs).

From yum-yum stuff we can put in our mouths, we take a look at the other end of our bods – our feet. Our report looks at common foot problems, so you can assess whether you need to get further help. There’s a My Diabetes Kit interview with tenacious Roy Johnson.

Says editor Sue Marshall, “Also in this issue, I would exhort you to read about the Blue Balloon Diabetes Awareness Challenge. It looks fun but also the concept is fantastic – you do a quick video while bouncing a blue balloon in your hand and doing something else you normally do in your day. The point is to give non-diabetics a way of seeing what it’s like to get on with your life AND life with diabetes. Then you challenge someone else (who does not have diabetes) to do the same. I think it’s a great idea. I might even do it myself, and I’m lousy on video and social media. There’s a right time for everything!”

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