A blistering result! Spirit Pharmacy offers bespoke blister packaging for multiple tablets, for free

Spirit Pharmacy is the UK’s only home delivery pharmacy offering tailored services for people living with diabetes. Their mission is to make accessing advice, education, medication and helpful items as simple as possible for people living with all types of diabetes. As the current UK lockdown eases, and the country opens up again, Spirit have pledged to keep services such as blister pack dispensing and delivery service for free, whereas many local pharmacies may have to begin charging for delivery again as people return to visiting their counters.

Zara Syed, Chief Pharmacist, says, “For many people, treating their diabetes alongside other complex conditions they may have, means taking several different medications every day. Lots of our customers are on at least six regular medications or more, with some on up to 30-plus. Many of these are in pill form, alongside injected medications such as insulin.”

Zara Syed, Chief Pharmacist, Spirit Pharmacy

When you’re on a high number of tablets, it can be increasingly hard to remember what to take and when, especially with different doses for each medication. Doling out the pills for the morning, lunchtime, teatime and bedtime can be a bit tricky for yourself, your family members, or carers. “That’s why we encourage our customers on 6 different daily tablets or more to take advantage of our free blister pack dispensing and delivery service, continues Syed. “Blister packs are handy plastic containers that split your medicines into little compartments for different times throughout the day. Our highly qualified pharmacists ensure that each compartment has the right medicines for each time period, so you simply ‘pop’ the blister and take your meds. It eliminates the need to fiddle around with lots of different bottles, peering at the labels, and removes the risk of getting the dosage wrong.”

The extra help
The Spirit Pharmacy service dispenses tablets into these blister packs for free, delivering them safely and quickly to your doorstep at no extra charge. “Our customers really appreciate the extra help, and the time saved having to dish out the medications themselves,” says Syed, “It’s particularly useful for people with arthritis, poor eyesight, or memory issues, but is available to anyone on several medications who simply wants the convenience. Our team have years of experience helping people with diabetes and take additional training in caring for people with the condition, in order to offer the best advice.”

For new customers who join Spirit Pharmacy, there’s a Live Well With Diabetes welcome package. This includes useful materials such as heel cream, foot care guides, hypo kits, monthly tracker sheets, and ideas for healthy food swaps. These helpful items can have a big impact on wellbeing for people living with diabetes. Customers with Type 2 diabetes also have access to Spirit’s free online education courses.

Register for free NHS repeat prescription home delivery service, including blister packs and/or the Live Well With Diabetes welcome pack, call 0116-464-5558 Mon- Fri 9am-5pm, or visit www.spirit-pharmacy.co.uk


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