Lower-carb diet a short-term option for Type 2

A lower carbohydrate diet is an effective short-term option for adults living with Type 2 diabetes and overweight or obesity, concludes a report by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN).

The report, co-chaired with Diabetes UK, is based on a robust assessment of existing evidence around weight change, blood glucose management, blood fats and medication use. It suggests that a diet lower in carbohydrates is an effective option for up to six months for adults living with Type 2 diabetes and overweight or obesity.

People on lower carbohydrate diets lost more weight than those on higher carbohydrate diets in the first three months but not after, so it’s unclear if the benefits of a lower carbohydrate diet are due to this early weight loss.

Overall, the quality of the evidence wasn’t strong enough to recommend a lower carbohydrate diet for longer than six months.

Douglas Twenefour, co-chair of the joint working group and Deputy Head of Care of Diabetes UK, said: “We know that for most people with type 2 diabetes, managing their weight is key to managing their condition.

Health professionals should support any evidence-based dietary approach that helps achieve long-term weight reduction, and this can include a lower carbohydrate diet.

“It is vital that people get the support of their healthcare team, so that any impact on diabetes management or medications can be closely monitored.”

To read the report, CLICK HERE.

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