FreeStyle LibreLink app users spend more Time in Range 

People with diabetes who use the FreeStyle Libre mobile app experience significantly improved time in the target glucose range, known as Time in Range (TIR), than those using a reader.

LibreLink smartphone app users experienced an average of 5% (approximately an hour per day) more time spent in TIR, which captures the percentage of time in a day a person with diabetes spends in the target glucose range (3.9–10mmol/l).

The real-world data, published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, also shows that FreeStyle LibreLink app users experienced lower glucose variability, lower average glucose, and less time in hyperglycemia than reader users. These results also bolster the importance of sharing data with healthcare professionals through telehealth for remote glucose monitoring.

During the COVID-19 mandated lockdowns, studies in Scotland and Spain found that FreeStyle Libre users with Type 1 diabetes increased TIR (3% and 4%, respectively) over the lockdown period, with associated improvements in glycaemic variability and estimated HbA1c.

Abbott is now joining Novo Nordisk and The diaTribe Foundation in the USA in raising awareness and education on Time in Range. The global campaign, “It’s Time for Time in Range,” provides TIR education, clinical guidance, expert insights and resources to healthcare providers via


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