LATEST ISSUE: Insulin, the next 100 years; diabetes tech update and overview; common digestive disorders

Following last issue’s look at the history of the discovery of insulin, this time we take a good look at what might yet happen. We revisit inhaled insulin, but also the need for faster insulin, and what is smart insulin? We investigate insulin patches and even insulin pills (you can dream can’t you)?

Meanwhile there are a couple of features about the other side of the equation – insulin delivery and blood glucose measurement. It’s a bit of a line-up off the usual suspects, but it’s great to be able to report on the progress from the likes of Dexcom, Medtronic, Tandem and others.
In another future-tech article, we look at the growing availability of sensors to track all sorts of things, not just glucose, but for improving ‘metabolic health’ in the general population. Soon not every sensor you see will be a sign of the wearer having diabetes.
We have one of our occasional guides to common disorders, this time to do with the digestive tract.
As ever, loads of news, as as diabetes tech leaders expect another year of growth, with innovation being driven by increased competition.
In our regular Making Carbs Count column is about cassava (also known as yuca, or manioc) with a Cuban-inspired recipe for ‘yuca con mojo’.

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