Study to improve management of T1 and T2 diabetes

The Swedish health-tech company Brighter has signed an agreement with the Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust to set up a research project to demonstrate the benefits of its product Actiste in the management of T1 and T2 diabetes.

The trust covers the greater Manchester areas of Salford, Oldham, Rochdale and Bury, and the data gathered from patients in the region will be shared with the wider patient community of people with diabetes, researchers, front line care providers, health insurers and other partners.

Actiste is described as the world’s first ‘unified diabetes care device’ with a mobile connection. Designed to simplify life for people with insulin-treated diabetes, it combines a blood sampler, blood glucose meter and insulin pen with an app on a smart device (such as a smart phone) for daily record-keeping.

Blood glucose measurements and injected insulin doses are automatically time stamped, saved and synced with the companion app which can also be used to set  reminders, specify blood glucose target ranges, and add tags for physical activity, meals, mood and other markers of overall health.

Brighter has already published the results from a similar pilot project in Sweden and says it is planning to continue conducting user-experience projects and clinical research to demonstrate how Actiste can address unmet needs in the management of diabetes.

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