Tirzepatide: Weight Loss Game-Changer?

As reported by DiaTribe, Dr. Ania Jastreboff, of the Yale University School of Medicine, and colleagues have presented new data which has investigated the effectiveness of Tirzepatide for the treatment of obesity.

The study found that, across all doses, the use of Tirzepatide resulted in clinically meaningful and sustained body weight reductions in people with obesity but without diabetes, compared to a placebo.

Tirzepatide plays a role in weight reduction in several ways, including making people experience satiety (feeling full) sooner, leading to them eating less food. After they lose weight and their ‘body-fat set point’ decreases, they then regain their appetite. When it is approved by the FDA in the future, Tirzepatide will join Semaglutide and bariatric surgery as one of the three leading options for obesity treatment.

“This is a new era for obesity treatment,” Jastreboff said, “Starting last year with Semaglutide and now Tirzepatide, these medications are much more highly effective than others we have had before.”

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