New study links AI-powered blood glucose forecasts to better outcomes

One Drop has announced outcomes from a study on the effects of the AI-powered blood glucose (BG) forecasting feature of its One Drop digital health platform.

One Drop is the first and only glucose forecast provider for people with Type 2 diabetes: it uses artificial intelligence to provide direct support through eight-hour glucose forecasts with over 90% accuracy and delivers immediate insights that people can use. The feature simplifies healthy decision-making by connecting everyday behaviors with outcomes and offering ongoing guidance to complement the support members receive from their healthcare providers.

Focusing on adults with Type 2 diabetes, the study found that users of One Drop’s glucose forecasting feature were more likely to log glucose values in the app than those who did not receive forecasts. They also had more glucose measurements within a healthy range after 12 weeks, corresponding to significantly lower average glucose. These results highlight a potential mechanism by which glucose forecasts can improve health engagement through increased self-monitoring of blood glucose and better glycemic management.

Said Dr. Dan Goldner, EVP of advanced technologies, research, and discovery at One Drop, “In simple terms, One Drop AI reduces cognitive burden caused by managing a chronic condition like diabetes and encourages self-care behaviors to drive cost-saving outcomes.”

One Drop is available in the UK although it’s not that well known. The American company’s focus is on the US market.

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