Libre use linked to reduced hospitalisation for people with Type 2 Diabetes

Abbott has announced new data from the Real World Evidence of FreeStyle Libre (RELIEF) study showing that the use of the FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) significantly reduces the rate of hospitalisations due to acute diabetes events (ADEs) for people living with Type 2 diabetes on once-daily (basal) insulin therapy.

The retrospective study of the French national health claims database showed that among the 5,933 people with Type 2 diabetes who were following a basal-only regimen, the number of ADE-related hospitalisations decreased by 67% after one year of using the FreeStyle Libre system. The data also showed a 75% reduction in hospitalisations for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and a 44% reduction in admissions for severe hypoglycaemia. Further, the study showed sustained reductions in hospitalisations over a two-year period of FreeStyle Libre system use, regardless of whether the patients were under the care of a diabetes specialist or a general healthcare practitioner.

The FreeStyle Libre is the most widely used CGM system worldwide, helping more than four million people living across more than 60 countries easily monitor their glucose levels.9

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