Preclinical proof of concept of AdoShell Islets for T1D

Adocia has announced the establishment of a first proof of concept for its’ AdoShell Islets implant by achieving glycaemic control without insulin injections or immunosuppression in diabetic rats, following a 132-day study.

AdoShell Islets is an immuno-protective synthetic biomaterial containing islets of Langerhans. After implantation in diabetic animals, the islets encapsulated in AdoShell secreted insulin in response to blood glucose levels.  The weight gain of the studied rats – which is also an important clinical indicator of healthy test subjects – showed that the AdoShell Islets were performing as expected. At the end of the study, the graft was removed, which resulted in an observable drop of insulin secretion and rise in blood sugar levels, with the animals rapidly returning to their diabetic state.

“Adocia’s results are remarkable, having successfully performed the first islet transplantation without the use of immunosuppressants in immunocompetent animals. We are delighted to be actively involved in these unprecedent results,” said Dr. Karim Bouzakri, Director of CEED (European Center for the Study of Diabetes).

AdoShell Islets will be further evaluated in diabetic pigs at the end of 2022. Adocia is based in Lyon, France.

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