LATEST ISSUE: My diabetes kit, by Sheku Kanneh-Mason; CamAPS’s latest connection (it’s a Libre!); lots of seasonal food, drink and gifting

This is our last issue of this year, and what a year it has been in the diabetes world in general and in the UK specifically. I’m not sure many people really understand how momentous the new NICE guidelines were that came out in April. No more having to ‘build your business case’ to get any technology, all Type 1s should now be being offered a choice of CGM and an insulin pump, if wished.  It’s the first time that a country’s medical and patient community worked together to get that over the line – and make history. We’re now the first country to have backed diabetes med-tech to improve the control of the population with T1D (and some of those with T2D who qualify).

In this bumper end-of-year issue there’s lots of News, plenty of which is progress on diabetes ‘kit’, such as Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 3 being newly integrated into YpsoMed mylife Loop which integrates the CGM values with insulin delivery using the ‘brains’ of the CamAPS app.  We also cover the recent Quality in Care (QiC) awards for the NHS diabetes care sector. Something to smile about as best practice gets recognised and shared. A Kit That’s Coming Soon report revisits the iLet Bionic Pancreas project, as well as some progress on non-invasive ways of tracking glucose.

Then there’s piles of Food News, as we’ve chunked that section out with some additional seasonal coverage with ideas for indulgences or gifting.

And to round this issue off, our Making Carbs Count topic is turkey meat, almost a cliché for Christmas, but for good reason. Yes, then there are the leftovers (and we’ve planned for that too).

So, it’s my turn to say aloha for a while, with our next issue coming out at the end of January next year, however we’ll continue keep you updated with our monthly News Digests in the meantime. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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