LATEST ISSUE: Tidepool Loop’s FDA clearance and what it means; winter eye care; the benefits of leafy green veggies.

So, that’s January nearly over but now the days are getting longer and I sense a teeny bit of spring in the air.

Despite downtime for the festive season, there’s still plenty of news (from p.4) starting with the extraordinary new NICE guidelines that recommend the use of hybrid closed loop (HCL) systems as they have been shown to improve diabetes control. Further stirling work by Professor Partha Kar who has spearheaded getting diabetes technology into the NHS, with many able supporters, suppliers and fellow NHS workers. Further news is on Tandem acquiring the Sigi patch pump, new anti-obesity drugs as well as a question as to whether common sweetener aspartame is linked to anxiety.

Our lead feature is about Tidepool Loop gaining FDA clearance, so we dig into why this is both big news and good news (p.14). Get ready to digest not only what these acronyms stand for: AID, ACE, iCGM and iAGC. Also in our KIT section  is an interview with Marcus Bosano who explains his choice of diabetes kit to us (p.20).

We have a report on winter eye care (p.24) and on p.25 we have a request from a professor asking readers to undertake a short survey about mental health, in order to help improve it for people with diabetes.

This issue comes with extra Food News as we’ve got pancake day coming up, while not exactly recommended as a food stuff for people with diabetes, it’s only once a year. We have some info from Bonne Maman, the French provider of jams and conserves, which has a special offer going on with a tie-up with pan maker Tefal. If you fancy transitioning from pancakes to crepes, this may be your best bet (p.30).

Our regular Making Carbs Count column this time is about adding brain-boosting fruit and veg into your life – yup, that means more greens but also, slightly bizarrely, more oranges too (p.34).

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