LATEST ISSUE: A welcome sight, with news about the Noctura eye mask; plus several stories on sensors, and one on salsify!

Our latest issue is packed, mainly with stories about sensors — new ones, familiar ones, each with a niche. Many more now focusing on tackling Type 2 diabetes too.

This is quite a techy issue, as diabetes management equipment continues to take centre stage with more products either in development or evolving further. Some of things evolving are relationships, with companies finding partnerships that aide both parties.

In the news weight-loss drugs get on to the NHS tariff; two more bits of diabetes kit get nod from FDA; an update on Medtronic’s ADAPT study; Sernova Cell Pouch system trial starts;  drug slows T1d in young people, possible link between vitamin B12 deficiency and gastroparesis in people with T2D.

We’ve updates on Embecta, Nemaura, Noctura, Abbott, Dexcom, Owen Mumford – and so on! In our KIT section we have news of winning wipes, a little fridge and something that prevents blisters.

It’s hard not to note that there seems to be a coronation in the offing, so in our FOOD section, there’s a page on related items, a cake and a couple of liquid assets to raise a glass if you feel so inclined.

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