LATEST ISSUE: Partnership brings new HCL system to UK; plus loads of other news!

I wasn’t great at science or maths at school, so I’m surprised to be publishing phrases such as ‘self-adjusting nanoparticle-based insulin formulation’, but it is in this issue in the news, from page 4. It’s about a ‘smart’ insulin, and there’s another drug under investigation which might address low blood glucose at night-time. It’s funny how insulin is now starting to look like the laggardly part of the puzzle when it comes to improved control, so roll on these trials.

Meanwhile, pumps are – quite literally – go, with the Omnipod GO system being cleared in the US by the FDA for people with Type 2 diabetes, as well as the iLet ACE pump from Beta Bionics. And Embecta, which spun out of BD a few years ago, has announced it is to work with Tidepool, also in the US, to make an insulin pump.

Elsewhere in the news, food remains a subject of consideration with some pointing out that calories on menus may be harmful to some people, but also that fast food is being linked to obesity-related cancers.

A new partnership between Abbott, CamDiab and Yspomed in the UK creates a new option for a hybrid closed loop system (p.24) while whether or not youth (read ‘teens’) should be encouraged to use closed loop systems (p.28).

Further proof that olive oil is good for you is on p. 36, along with tips to get a 20ml dose into your daily diet. And on p.40 we look at the numerous health  benefits of apricots, with a summery avocado, prawn and cabbage salad recipe. Enjoy!


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