Study backs Medtronic next-gen MiniMed 780G insulin pump for Type 1 diabetes

Medtronic has announced that one-year research data backs the use of its next-generation MiniMed 780G automated insulin pump.

The ADAPT study, which included 82 adults not meeting glycemic targets, marks the first multi-national, randomized controlled study comparing compared MiniMed 780 G against multiple daily injections of insulin with an intermittently scanned CGM.

The results demonstrated a 27.6% absolute increase in time in range and a 1.4% reduction in HbA1c for MiniMed 780G users, as well as an overnight time in range increase of 30.2%. At the close of the six-month period, all of the participants in the multiple daily injection/CGM group crossed over to MiniMed 780G.

Said Dr. Ohad Cohen, senior global medical affairs director at Medtronic Diabetes. “The MiniMed 780G system is taking care of users in ways that individuals just aren’t able to with manual injections, even with the best of intentions, as there are so many variables that impact blood sugar levels on a daily basis.”

The MiniMed 780G, combined with the next-generation Medtronic Guardian 4 sensor, remains currently under FDA review in the U.S. but Medtronic is said to be engaged “in active review with the FDA” on its submission.

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