LATEST ISSUE: Newcomers, movers and shakers. And beans!

I know how it feels to keep reading about huge steps forward in research and ‘cures’, to then have things pretty much continue as per normal. I have to take a step back sometimes – and pull back too – to see what’s going on. In detail, things seem slow, but if you look at the big picture, there really is progress being made. In the news section, ‘core genes’ for T1D have been uncovered. Also, a needle-free delivery device gets funding. News from page 4.

This issue has a lot of news about companies, products, various bits of kit, and comments and quotes from Dexcom (p.16) and Omnipod (p.20). In the latter, Dexcom and Omnipod are ‘joined at the hip’ with the launch of Omnipod 5 here in the UK. The issue’s front cover refers to the article on p.24, which is a summary of newcomers, movers and shakers from Abbott to Ypsomed and parts in between.

There’s Food News as well as a very deep dive – in the form of two articles – about beans. There are all sorts and types of beans, and between them they contain all sorts of things that are great for our health. With a view to those of us who carb-count, nutritionist (and Type 1 diabetic) May Knight explains their various combinations of protein and carbohydrate (p.30). There’s additional info in our regular Making Carbs Count section, also on beans, with recipe (p.36).

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