Glucose meter connected to mySugr app improves control

Roche has announced that real world data shows a significant improvement in glycaemic management when using a blood glucose monitor connected to the mySugr mobile health app in UK users with Type 2 diabetes.

The mySugr app is a diabetes management app that allows for easy logging of blood glucose and automatically syncs blood glucose levels from Accu-Chek meters

While previous studies had shown an improvement in people with Type 1 diabetes with the use of blood glucose monitors connected with mobile health apps, the aim of this study was to explore its impact on UK users with Type 2 diabetes, as this population often shows reduced glycaemic outcomes and increased diabetes-related complications.

The retrospective analysis looked at 1,229 people from the UK who used an Accu-Chek meter connected with the mySugr app. Of these, 53% had Type 1 diabetes and 47% had Type 2 diabetes. After 4 months, a statistically significant reduction of 0.44% was observed in the estimated HbA1c in users with Type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, a reduction was observed in estimated HbA1c after only one month of use. The percentage of blood glucose measurements in range for mySugr users with Type 2 diabetes significantly increased after starting to use mySugr and, as with the estimated HbA1c, this was observed after just one month of app usage.

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