Children with T2D offered tech choice

Hundreds of British children with Type 2 diabetes who currently manage their condition with ‘burdensome’ finger prick blood testing several times a day could be offered a choice between two ‘life changing’ technologies to virtually automate the process.

New guidance from NICE recommends the use of real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rtCGM) or intermittently scanned glucose monitoring (isCGM) devices for some children living with Type 2 diabetes who are currently using finger prick testing and insulin therapy. The devices have already been recommended for children with Type 1 diabetes.

The technologies give a continuous stream of real-time information on a smartphone allowing better/quicker management of the condition. If a patient or their family has a preference for which technology they wish to use, they could opt for an isCGM device – also known as flash monitoring – as an alternative to real-time devices, picking the technology that will work best for them. Research has found that both real-time and flash devices help a person in maintaining optimal blood sugar control.

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