Why it is vital that the roll out of hybrid closed-loop tech is funded

With the NICE appraisal of who in England and Wales should have access to hybrid closed-loop technology set to conclude by the end of the year, Diabetes UK is calling on the Department of Health and Social Care to support NHS England with funding to ensure that it is fairly and equally available.

Hybrid closed-loop (HCL) technology works by connecting compatible insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGM) with a computer algorithm that can calculate most adjustments automatically, and has been shown to help people with Type 1 diabetes to greatly improve both their diabetes management and quality of life.

NHS Supply Chain are currently negotiating with the companies who make the available hybrid closed-loop systems to agree a price and create a framework that allows all local systems across the country to procure the devices in a clear and consistent way. However, of key importance is the wider support package needed for the people who use them, as it will take time – and funding – to train and recruit staff with the specialist skills needed to optimise its use.

Accordingly, Diabetes UK, as part of its Tech Can’t Wait campaign, are urging the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay, to commit to funding the implementation of this tech and avoid creating the unfair and unequal levels of access experienced previously with other types of diabetes technology.

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