Pioneering new service launched to put the over 50s in control of their health

A groundbreaking personalised health system has been launched that aims to put the over 50s in control of wellbeing as they age.

The GHS, developed by leading UK clinicians, including doctors, psychologists, and medical experts, and spearheaded by NHS veteran Professor Sir Muir Gray, offers a comprehensive, multi-therapy approach to addressing age-related conditions through active prevention and improved rehabilitation.

The GHS will include a range of features, including personalised health assessments, health tracking tools and community support. Through quick weekly online assessments, users can monitor their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. With the guidance of leading experts, including physicians and psychologists, users can regain lost abilities, reduce disease risks like dementia and stroke, and effectively combat the effects of diseases when / before they occur. It is a comprehensive health system derived from a SWIP (Systematic Wellness Integrated Pathways) framework, drawing on global evidence to create wellness mixes tailored to individuals’ needs, preferences, and goals. By supporting people through SWIP, individuals can regain lost abilities and fitness, mitigate the risks of diseases like dementia and stroke, and effectively combat the effects of diseases when they occur.

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