Undermyfork uses Instagram-like interface to unlock continuous glucose monitoring benefits

Undermyfork diabetes management app co-founders Mike Ushakov, Eugene Molodkin, and Nikita Shulaev are combining meal tracking and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data in a clinically-validated app.

While CGMs mean it is now easier than ever for people with diabetes to keep track of their blood sugar levels throughout the day, it is still difficult for users to accurately get a clear picture of how insulin doses, blood glucose, and activity correlate with the food they have consumed. The Undermyfork team decided to focus their efforts on this problem. Says Mike Ushakov, CEO of Undermyfork. “Can we unlock the full potential of CGM devices? CGM users not only watch their blood glucose graph change but actually make lifestyle choices based on this graph?”

Undermyfork is a diabetes management app that automatically combines glucose data from CGMs or BGMs with meal photos and calculates postprandial (after a meal) time in range (TIR). People with diabetes can compare their glycemic response to various meals and situations to quickly make informed decisions about what to eat. The app also allows endocrinologists and diabetes educators access to the same data, providing both a big picture overview — highlighting, for example, hypoglycemic events — and the ability to zoom into the data and examine meal details, insulin data, and glucose measurements.

Last year Undermyfork completed their own first real-world-evidence pilot study, in which the results found that patients with below-average time in range were able to successfully improve their clinical outcomes when using the Undermyfork app. The company is currently collecting more clinical evidence to prove the efficacy of their tool.

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