CURRENT ISSUE: Interview with comedian Ed Gamble, and an overview of hybrid closed loop system access in the UK

Well, what a year 2023 was! It has been a privilege to report on the changes in recommendations that have come from NICE about access to diabetes tech on the NHS. Truly we are living in extraordinary times.

We go into the new guidance on access to Hybrid Closed Loop (HCLs) – systems that involve a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) ‘talking’ to an insulin pump with an algorithm authorised to deliver insulin based on the CGM’s readings (p.16). Not everyone wants one, and currently it’s not for absolutely everyone, but the guidance means those that need it, get it.

I talked to comedian Ed Gamble about his diabetes kit (p.26) and how he manages his control while doing live stand-up or when he’s judging BBC2’s Great British Menu.  On one day the judges taste eight puddings, and admit that watching that stresses me a bit! But he’s a smart chap and is working to a plan.

In  November 2023, the world got behind diabetes day in order to help raise awareness and education about the condition. See a round-up of some of what went on (p. 20) last year.

We round up with a nicely relevant Making Carbs Count about winter greens, with recipe. – Sue Marshall, Editor




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