Testosterone replacement benefits for T2D

Recent research has shown that testosterone replacement therapy is associated with significant reductions in A1c at one- and two-years among men with Type 2 diabetes,

Previous data has shown that about 40% of men with Type 2 diabetes have symptomatic testosterone deficiency, which is also associated with adverse effects on cardiovascular risk factors, bone health, muscle strength, sexual function and psychological well-being.

Overall 428 men with Type 2 diabetes and hypogonadism were reviewed in the testosterone replacement therapy trial: among 121 of them, there was a drop in A1c from 71.27 mmol/mol (8.7%) to 61.26 mmol/mol (7.8%) after 12 months. Among 104 men after 24 months of therapy, the drop was from 71.4 mmol/mol (8.7%) to 55.97 mmol/mol (7.3%).

“If you have a patient with Type 2 diabetes, sexual dysfunction, or fatigue, please consider checking their testosterone level. And if they fulfill criteria for testosterone deficiency and have had their [prostate-specific antigen] checked, consider a trial of treatment,” said study lead author T. Hugh Jones, MD, consultant physician and endocrinologist at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Barnsley,

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