LATEST ISSUE: Hypo Hounds that can smell a hypo; update – more kit talking to other kit; fibre, and cabbage!

Our lead feature in this, our first issue of 2024, is about a mother inspired by her child’s T1D diagnosis to create a charity, Hypo Hounds, which trains dogs to detect glucose levels then alert their ‘client’ (owner) when they go too high or too low.

We also have an overview of insulin pumps and CGMs, as even more of them start ‘talking’ to each other. [A fair bit of that news is only based in the US at the moment, but it’s a look at what is likely to come to the UK at some point. We’ll certainly let you know when they do!]

Photographer James Clarke shares his diagnosis story and also what diabetes kit he used in the past and uses now, and how it’s affected his career and other life choices. He kindly let us use his personal photographs to illustrate the article, and how he feels about his diabetes.

We report on T1DE – the rise (and risk) of Type 1 disordered eating and how the NHS is attempting to address it.

Meanwhile NHS dietitian Lisa Poole explains the ins and outs of the NHS ‘soups and shakes’ diet, including how to access it. Plus, registered nutritionist and Type-oner May Knight explains why we need fibre in our diets. Turns out there’s a lot of reasons.

The rest of the magazine is very ‘green’, in as much as we return to exploring the wonders of both cabbage and watercress, with recipes (both are high in fibre so feel free to indulge)!

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