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If you have diabetes, you are not alone. It’s ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ with an estimated 200 million people with diabetes globally, and that’s set to double in the next 25 years. Don’t let the stats scare you, often research includes info on the damage the condition can cause, but the more diabetics there are, the more tools and ‘best practice’ can be invested in and shared, leading less impact on those who have it.

As Desang Limited is based in the UK, many of these sites are too, but not all.

There is a lot on the internet, too much to list or sift through here. The following sites chosen here are picked purely for being useful, informative or interesting, starting with global statistics, going on to national and even local geographic sites, as well as sites to view various types of equipment, tools and other resources.

  • Health Care Workers
    Sign up here to order your leaflets.
  • Diabeties UK
    Send in your name and address, to this email address and a request for more information and diabeties UK will send you information directly
  • Accu-Chek
    Blood Test Machines
  • Wiltshire Farm Foods
    Provides delectable dishes for the diabetic diet
  • DRWF
    Desang Ltd is a partner of Diabetes UK. For every kitbag sold in association with Diabetes UK Desang Limited will pay £1 to Diabetes UK Services Limited which donates its taxable profits to Diabetes UK
  • Hypo-Fit
    Hypo-Fit syrup 74.5% is a premium product, which is a unique combination of three sugars (glucose, saccharose (sucrose) and fructose), water and flavouring (available in orange from this website). Each 18 gm sachet contains 13.4 gm of carbohydrate.
  • World Heath Authority
  • International Diabetes Federation
    The mission of the IDF is to work to enhance the lives of people with diabetes worldwide.
  • iddtinternational.org
    Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT)
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
    Based in the USA, with a UK and other national branches, looking at the prevalence and prevention of the condition in young people. the UK site has a good selection of links to other sites.
  • American Diabetes Association
    The mother of all diabetes-related sites, coming up numero uno if you go into Google, this is a strange site, with little info on equipment, despite the ‘online store’, which is mainly dedicated to books.
  • Diabetes UK
    The British diabetic association’s site has general information on ‘what is diabetes’, ‘managing diabetes’, and updates on diabetes research. It also has information on its publications which are for adults, young people, children and parents of children with the condition.

    GlycosMedia - An international diabetes news service from the UK

  • London Medical
    Leading London clinic specialising on diabetes management and education.
  • Diabetes Insight
    British based Diabetes Insight is a very comprehensive and useful site. It has a comprehensive listing of available equipment and contact addresses for manufacturers of finger prickers, lancets, insulin pens, pumps, syringes, books and other products.
  • Yorkshire Diabetes
    Another very informative site — and this time it’s a local one for the Yorkshire region on the UK. It even has product codes for several products, which is very helpful for those getting items on prescription as well as general information on different sorts of equipment available.
  • Kent Diabetes An informational site run by diabetic Paul Foreman.
  • Medic Alert
    One way to make sure you (or your loved one) is safe is to sign up to this charity. Its ID tags have a membership number that medical staff can call to find out details of your condition if necessary.
  • Food labelling, UK
    More and more foods are now carrying labels that show the carbohydrates and sugars contained in them. These are extremely useful for diabetics who ‘count carbs’. Don’t forget to check if the values listed are for 100g or per portion! This government site shows what is listed in the UK.
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