October 2010 newsletter news: Look What We Found food in ambient packaging

PEPPER PACKED! Tanfield Food Co, which makes the Look What We Found! range of foods. These all-natural meals, soups and sauces are unusual in that they do not need refridgeration. New packing that vacuum-seals in fresh foods mean that the packets can be sotred in cupboards at home, and on shelves in super markets (meaning less carbon used in those big open fridges often found in supermarkets).

Axel Steenberg and his wife Sophie are pioneers of Fairtrade spices and they provide Tanfield with not one, but three, types of peppercorns for their Look What We Found! Peppercorn Sauce. Fairly traded organic black peppercorns impart a flavour that is bold, rich, warm and dark. Tanfield has added Axel and Sophie’s pungent and peppery trio to single cream, shallots, water, cornflower and vegetable stock to make a truly authentic pour over sauce that you can store in the cupboard ready to perk up all manner of dishes. It is particularly good with pan-fried chicken, or its most famous partner, fillet of beef.

RRP is £1.79 and stockists are Booths and Waitrose from October. www.lookwhatwefound.co.uk

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