Are you to blame for your diabetes? No!!

As reported by Diabetes Newshound, the vast majority of Americans assume that people with diabetes – both Type 1 and Type 2 – did something to bring the disease upon themselves, according to an article from CNN.

Many incorrectly think people with Type 1 diabetes ate too much sugar to cause the disease, while they accuse people with Type 2 of overeating. The truth is that both forms of the disease have both genetic and environmental factors that trigger the disease’s onset. Scientists have shown that if certain genes are present in individuals, environmental triggers can bring the disease to the surface.

In Type 1 diabetes, it is still not know what triggers the onset of the disease, despite years and years of research. Therefore it is nearly impossible to alter behavior to lower the risk of developing the disease in those most at risk for it. However, researchers have ruled out sugar consumption as a possible cause.

For those with Type 2, it is well known that being obese or overweight is a major risk factor for the disease. However, obesity also involves genetics, environment and behavior. Researchers have concluded, though, that body weight is not the only explanation for the development of the disease since not all those that are obese get Type 2 diabetes. Another clue is that some people of normal weight develop Type 2 diabetes. Most people can lower their risk of Type 2 diabetes with modest weight loss and physical activity.

We at Desang say, enough with the blame, let’s help everyone with the condition to live with it as best they can so that they have a chance for long-term health.

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