Wash and go

The recent E.coli crisis in Germany and France was a reminder to us all to remember to wash all fruits and vegetables before eating them. Earth Friendly Products’ Fruit and Vegetable Wash helps remove pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt, wax and bacteria from the surfaces of fruits and vegetables without depositing other harmful chemicals or adversely affecting taste.

It is a gentle yet effective way of removing organic residue from fruits and vegetables before eating/cooking. Washing with water alone, will not remove wax that is used as a waterproof medium to apply agricultural chemicals. Also useful for cleaning chopping boards, and other surfaces before and after preparing fresh produce.

Matthew Clark, of Natural Eco Trading Ltd says, “Whether your fruit and vegetables are organically grown or not, it is always advisable to clean them very thoroughly before consuming. Most people think that rinsing in water is enough but our Fruit and Vegetable wash allows you to go one step further while not affecting the taste of the product.”

Fruit and Vegetable Wash comes in a 500ml bottle RRP £3.90. Earth Friendly Products are stocked at independent health food stores, farm shops, selected Holland and Barrett stores and department stores or from www.greenbrands.co.uk

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