What Not to Say to the Newly Diagnosed

Found this on the American site, Diabetes Health, which I thought was interesting and quite amusing as well as true… “If you know someone who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, there are certain comments and questions from which you should refrain:

—“At least it’s not cancer!”   Whatever the diagnosis, it’s a really big deal to the person facing a medical challenge.  Minimizing the magnitude of the disease is degrading and disheartening.

—“They’ll cure diabetes soon!”   A newly diagnosed person is trying to grasp the reality of the disease.  Right now there is no cure, only the option of managing the disease through diet, exercise, and medications.

—“Should you be eating that?”   A person with diabetes is, first and foremost, a person. Do not police their food choices, just as you wouldn’t want anyone policing yours.

—“If anyone can handle this disease, it’s you.”  Although this comment is meant to compliment your determination, the reality is that no one wants diabetes.

—“My uncle has diabetes and had his legs amputated, and he’s now on dialysis.”  Diabetes has numerous potential complications, all of which you probably know about already.   Horror stories need not be shared, as they only discourage.

If you feel that you must say something, consider the following… Read the rest of the article here.

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